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Balance                                                         January 2020

A Facebook friend asked her contacts and I to post a positive word to begin the new year.   She required the word to be one that starts with the same first letter as each of our first names. I chose “bold“.   Almost immediately I read Proverbs 28:1B. “The righteous are as bold as a lion.“

Just as fast, I realized there were two sides to the topic which my word choice brought to mind. Am I bold? Am I righteous? Am I righteous enough to be bold? I believe that we are called to be righteous and bold simultaneously and yet I have doubts. Should I be more quiet and humble? Is that a measure of righteousness? When I was younger, my sins were visible, but now they are hidden flaws in my heart.  We all have visible and or hidden sins and we will have them until the day we join our ancestors.

God intended for Adam and Eve to be perfect. He meant for them to enjoy 99.999% of what he created for them. Satan used the .001% to mess them up. He still does and still operates on the low percentage available to him in most of us.

I doubt about my righteousness. I think a smidge of doubt is healthy. It reminds us to be careful about the smaller percentage where the effect on our lives can be devilish. Dwelling on that is not good, but recalling it occasionally can be beneficial. On the righteousness question, we can learn from those thoughts about our failings and strive to do better. However, that should not be a reason to keep us from being bold enough to tell the truth.

So here is my new choice of a positive word for the New Year that begins with a “B”. Jesus Christ was the only BLAMELESS man who as God came to earth to be our Messiah, our Savior, and our shining example of righteousness and boldness. All we can do, and should do, is find the balance between our humble righteousness and declare boldly the 100% truth about the Good News of Jesus and share both sides of our story with those we love.

Happy New Year

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