Unique pic

by Bob Bekins
January 2020
You may not know that when I attended San Diego State University I minored in statistics.   This gave me a way of thinking about things. Little did I know the importance of a discerning approach for the wealth of information with which we are now flooded. This is what I learned about you, and what I learned about myself.
You are unique in all the world and its 7,600,000,000 people. If you were assigned a number, you might be 4,329,754,602, but that is not what I am calling unique. You are a product of your childhood, the towns where you grew up, and those who educated you, including your parents. You were honed by the challenges that you have faced in life and the way you responded to them. Your work, and the occasional lack of it, modified the way you think about the craft you used to earn an income. The way you raised your children, or the children that God brought into your life, and the way they raised you was individual.   This brought changes and modifications to the way you think. Statistically this is what all of that did to make you who you are.
If there were 10,000 job classifications in the world, yours would be just one of them. So the odds that you would have a job in that class are 1 in 10,000. If your child was a good athlete, that child would be one in twenty. If you became moderately wealthy (by global standards) you would be one of the 1%.   If you are naturally a blonde, you would be one in 50 globally. If you own a car you are one of six people in the world who does. Taking only those five elements, you would multiply them. 10,000 times 20 times 100 times 50 times 6 equaling 600,000,000. The odds of being that person is one in six million. Then there are hundreds of other physical elements to who you are. As well there is the way you think about all of these things, the people you know, and the opinions of others. We haven’t even touched on the way that these thousands of elements interact with each other !
Take me. I am married, I have one son, one daughter-in-law, two grandchildren and two deceased parents.   Those are statistics. I work as a real estate broker by referral, write these articles, author my books, and serve in my church on a regular basis.   Those are my four main activities. Interactively, my son and his family are independent. I am not a blond. I own a car. I vote. My exercise preference is taking a nice walk by the ocean. I have given up beef but not chicken or fish. My favorite old TV show is Hogan’s Heroes. My preferred color is sky blue. Can you see how all of these interactions add hues to each other?   Occasionally the shirt that I buy has to be white, pleasing to my wife and clients, with a button down collar, long sleeves, affordable, and wrinkle free. Yes, you are beginning to get the idea of the complexity of my life and yours.
When you take all of that into consideration with thousands of other elements and multiply the odds of each, very quickly you will see that your uniqueness is astronomically beyond one in seven point six billion. I don’t know if there are other created creatures in the universe, but I do know that God created you by design. He was careful with His crafting. If you think of Him as the ultimate artist, pondering over you like a sculptor who then uses acrylic to finish your patina. He turns a light on your face and places you in a gallery for all the world to see. He is pleased with the “you” He has created. Only then will you grasp the full meaning of who He wanted you to be. Yes, you are that unique.

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