Pothole                                             January 2020
In California, we don’t see this specific phenomenon quite as often. I have lived in New Jersey, Maryland, Colorado, and Missouri where what I’m going to describe is more common. When an area is paved, especially on a highway, it sometimes will develop a small tear, or a piece of the asphalt will come out. Over time, tires will catch the edge of that mar and deteriorate it a little bit more.  However, the greater damage comes from water in its different forms. The first is liquid water from rain.

When rain water is in a hole in the asphalt, and a vehicle comes by, the tire compresses the water rapidly. That one-to-five ton vehicle exerts terrific force, and the water shoots toward the edges away from the tire. This is somewhat like the high-pressure hose at a self car wash bay that scours away the dirt. That stream of high-pressure liquid breaks up more asphalt. Over time, and not a very long period of time, the hole enlarges to the point where it is the driving hazard. The other form of water is ice.

When ice develops in a hole, the asphalt expands, causing the surrounding asphalt to become weaker or even crack.

Our faith, our righteousness, and our sanctification depend upon a solid surface similar to the asphalt. When we allow something to form a hole or a crack, we are in the same position as the small indentation in the pavement. It is very easy for one sound, one omission, one commission, or one thought of doing the wrong thing to become a portal for more of the same to pour in. As the darkness pours in, it expands the hole that it came through. The continuity of that whole person that we are is so vital.

Stay true.  Purge the impurities from your life and from your heart.  There will be errant thoughts but let them go quickly.  Replace them with forgiveness, gratitude, and blessings. Those are the patches for the holes in the road of your life.

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