by Bob Bekins
February 2020
           If you really stop and think about this, you will realize just how unique you are. The relationship between your spirit being and your physical being is very personal. It is also interlocked. If your spirit leaves your body, it will collapse to the ground immediately like a side of beef. Although your body cannot leave your spirit behind, though there are times when one part may wish to leave the other.

Stopping to look at a pinecone, you will find a pinenut or seed under each seed scale. There is even a wing on the seed designed to catch the wind and float the seed away from the tree. One seed produces an enormous tree. How is this miracle possible?

An even more mysterious question is where did your human spirit originate? There’s no seed for the spirit which is uniquely you. It is not your father’s spirit as though it could be split like the cells of your growing body. It is not your mother’s spirit as though she could grow it in her womb like every other cell that was cultured there. No, it just miraculously exists.

Science contradicts itself when it fails to acknowledge this miracle. Any scientist would tell you that you can’t draw something out of something else without diminishing the source by the same amount.

I disagree, and here’s why. The spirit has no color, no volume, no weight, and no cost. The miracle lies in its source. When God said, “Let us make man in our image,” He did not mean it as a one-time event. Every new-born individual is still being made by God. Clearly the most important part of what He makes of us is the spirit. Your mother didn’t do it. Your father didn’t do it. God did it.

The greatest evidence of this unique creation is the amazing fact of people’s choices. The first is the trend toward independence. We value freedom and prize it above all else. From the two-year-old that says no, to the teenage girl that runs away, we are making decisions that fly in the face of sanity by defying those who provide everything for us.

Secondly is the choice by some of self-sacrifice. The NFL star that becomes a soldier, the truck driver that dives into the frozen river to save someone he doesn’t even know, or the mother who gives up a fulfilling career to raise her children. We admire these people. If we were just meat on the hoof, surviving by being the fittest, what would be the point? Just as God knit together our incarnate self in our mother’s womb, so also did He imbue us with his spirit. He is the Source.

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