Dream Truck

Dream Truck

Dream Truck                                          March 2020
Then I slept and dreamed a dream.  I was trying to climb into a 18-wheeler truck from the passenger side.  It was so very hard because I was short and the cab was tall.  I pulled on parts of the door, the fabric at the bottom of the seat, the threshold and the hinges.  Finally I pulled myself up but couldn’t even get up on the seat.  I was just standing down in the foot well of the truck cab.  I pulled the door closed with great effort.  Though someone else was driving, I felt this sense of helplessness.  The feeling was so strong that it felt as though the truck were driving itself over dangerous ground.  I wanted so badly to get up and drive it, but I could not even turn myself to face front; I was so weak.
Then I was able to find the switch to lock the doors.  I felt better but only for a moment. I realized locking the doors was not counting for much in this position of helplessness in which I found myself.  And then the truck began to move.  A lot!  I reached up as high as I could, clutched at the bottom of the steering wheel, and turned it just enough to realize the truck was responding to my small touch.  Immediately I was overwhelmed with terror because I had changed the course of the truck with absolutely no knowledge of where I was directing it.   What could I see from way down in the foot well of the truck?  I could be steering it off a cliff, into a river, or toward a wall.
The driver was humming a wonderful tune that was vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t recall it. That did give me some peace.
Then I awoke from my dream.
And this is what I knew in an instant.  God had sent me a dream to remind me that He is driving the big trucks (the big challenges) in my life.  There are times when my just touching the steering wheel of life a little can throw things out of balance and off the path that He intended.  I was the passenger and as such needed to just let the trip develop on its own with the Big Driver on the seat behind the steering wheel.  Even if I couldn’t see, He could.  Even if I didn’t know where it was all headed. He did.

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