Buy In

Buy In

Buy In                                   April  2020
The old style of business management was “the Boss said to do it this way, so that is what I am going to do.” The new style is called “buy in” and it works well in today’s corporate environment. The Boss comes up with a needed change. She presents it to a group of people as a question or as a problem to be solved. Maybe using a questionnaire or a marker board, she asks for input from the group she wants to bring along. When gathered, she gives verbal rewards to each person who has added a thought. Their comments (in short form) are written on the marker board. As the process roles out, the Boss’s voice changes slightly in approval of some items mentioned and mild disapproval of others.   Finally the suggestion she was most interested in becomes the only logical solution to the problem. Ultimately, the group “agrees” with the Boss’s idea.
That process is a little like an old card trick called Dealer’s Choice. The Dealer presents the deck to the Mark. The Mark chooses one card secretly. Without looking, the Dealer puts that card on the bottom of the deck and shuffles assuring that the chosen card stays at the bottom. The Dealer places the deck in his shirt or coat pocket.   Let’s say that the card is the 7 of diamonds. The Dealer then says to the Mark, “Is your card a jack, queen, king or ace?”   The Mark says, “No.”   The Dealer says, “That leaves the two through ten, right?” The Mark says, “Yes.” The Dealers asks, “Is it a diamond or a heart.” The Mark says, “Yes.” It goes on until the Dealer has narrowed it to the card. The Dealer asks, “How many cards do you want me to pull out of my pocket before yours?” Then the Dealer pulls that number of cards from the top of the deck hidden in his pocket and finally the 7 of diamonds from the bottom to everyone’s amazement.
“Helping” someone choose the Messiah can be done using the logic and skills of the two methods mentioned. Promises of a better life, more bountiful possessions, peace of mind, and a free ticket to Heaven can entice someone to “buy in.” The list can be matched to the needs of the person, much like the Dealer’s Choice. Or the list can be danced around until the Boss finds the one that works. At any rate, these are the methods of the secular world to “convince” someone that Jesus is the way to go.   There are many other logical, worldly techniques that seem to work, but the brain is not the site for this kind of major change. It must happen in the heart.
We are not talking about something that is normal. What is going to happen, when it does happen correctly, is supernatural. We do not “convert” someone by convincing him that God will give him the seven of diamonds or that his idea in the business world will prosper. We can suggest all the wonderful possibilities that lay ahead: purpose in life, gratitude for Christ’s sacrifice, a new attitude toward an enemy, and forgiveness of their past sins, but it is the Holy Spirit that will do the only converting that really counts. It is not logical like a business meeting or a card trick. It is a phenomenon of the spirit world.   That is where Jesus Christ can be found and embraced. That is where He waits with open arms.

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