Borderland                                       April 2020
Most of the time we don’t realize that we have one foot in each of two worlds. They are both real though often one blurs in contrast to the other. When the blurrier one suddenly comes into focus, we are amazed. Nothing makes this more clear than in that moment in time when we, or someone we love, moves forever from one world to the other. If you want a good read, pick up Randy Kay‘s latest book – Dying to Meet Jesus.

In it, Randy talks about the day he died and the impact it had on the rest of his life when the blurry spirit world became real at a level that we cannot comprehend. Our foot “solidly“ in the “real“ world holds us back. Whatever you believe about life after death, within the first two minutes of your passing, your understanding will be verified or disproved. THAT is an inescapable truth.

Jesus’ handpicked disciples were fellows that should have had a profound understanding of this. They did not. The evidence was in Peter’s denial of his affiliation. “But he began to curse and swear, ‘I do not know this man of whom you speak!’ ” It was also manifested by the others going into hiding.  They sucked one foot right out of the spiritual glue they had learned about for three years and tromped it down next to the other foot on “solid ground.“

There is a small dent in my car door. As I left Uncle Arnold’s funeral service, the door of my car slipped out of my hands and hit a concrete bench. Every time I look at Arnold’s dent I think of him and remind myself about the two worlds. Even that day, while getting into my car, I had one foot on the ground and one in the vehicle.

We cannot stay in that position for very long. It is uncomfortable and confusing. Yes, it is a little like dying. I do not fear death, but I do fear the process of dying.  I want it to be a quick jump not a long stroll through some disease.   Regardless of how that goes, God promised in the 23rd Psalm, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me”

We have to stand in both worlds for now. Just knowing there are the two helps us understand the value of this short time of choices. Seeing clearly where our feet are placed will make all the difference about what we choose.

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