Sim                                                        June 2020
I bet you thought I spelled it wrong.  Our subject is that tiny piece of plastic and gold in your cell phone called a SIM card.  The acronym for Subscriber Identity Module. It weighs about .001 pounds and is smaller than a bran flake.  Notably, it is what makes your phone YOURS.
My phone completely died the same day Cindi got her new phone but before she had to send the old one in.  My replacement phone would not arrive for a few days.  I took the SIM card from my broken phone and put it into her old phone.  Voila, I was back in business.  Within minutes, I had totally forgotten about the importance of the tiny SIM card and was focused on the 700-times-bigger and seemingly-more-real cell phone.
Our spirit is like a SIM card.  I don’t know if it has any real physical properties like weight, but if it does, that particle would be even smaller than a SIM card compared to our body which is “real.”  Without our spirit, we are just a hunk of meat walking around in this physical world looking to satisfy our next hunger.  Humans robbed of their spirit by disease or emotional trauma just sit staring into space.  In warfare it is called shell shock.
Yet, this tiny component of who we are is our most God-like attribute.  When God said, “we will create man in our image,” He wasn’t talking about our faces, our hair, or our bodies.   He was talking about our spirit.  God’s spirit creates physical things.  Our spirit mimics that process by speaking or writing words from deep within ourselves.
The words matter less than the tone in which they are spoken.  THAT is the “spirit” of my thoughts coming through.  The tone of my prayers in that spirit-to-spirit conversation tells God exactly how I feel about the subject under discussion.  A human listens to the audio tone of my words.  God listens to the tone of my heart.

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