Two Ps

Two Ps

Two P’s
by Bob Bekins
June 2020
“They are completely different, ” Linda said. “Pacifica I was built in 1965, and Pacifica II wasn’t built until 1972. I know because I looked it up. You can see from the roof lines. See that one? Right there! Are you looking? When the March rains come, you will see.”
“I don’t see what you are seeing,” said her sister Diane. “They all look the same to me. I bet the interior floor plans are exactly alike; one story, carport, little garden. Oh look, at all the hanging flower pots in that one. There is a humming bird feeder and look at that fat, little fellow taking a drink.”
“The roof line!   Stop walking and just look,”   Linda said. “See? Ours are completely flat in Pacifica I. That one!   The roof goes up to a point. It must be two or three feet higher. I don’t like it. That’s why I bought in Pacifica I. One, simple, simple roof line. AND in Pacifica II all the doors are different colors. Look at that one. What is THAT? Salmon colored? Give me a break. Why would anyone paint a door that color?”
A man walked out of his carport. “Good morning.”   With its tail wagging like an egg beater, his Chihuahua ran for them. Diane bent down as Linda drew back. “He won’t bite. Just a love puppy,” the man said. “Name’s Piggly though his AKA says Ludrig’s Pride of Heighing Teckle.”
Diane giggled, “He’s so cute! A little chunky, but cute.   Look at those big brown eyes.   Who couldn’t love that little lamb?   Ooops. Guess he got too excited. He tinkled a little there.”
“C’mon Diane.   I’ve got to get home to do my exercise tape. We’re not getting any cardio this way,” Linda complained.
“Well, nice to meet you. Name’s Edward. That’s my wife Becky waving at you from the kitchen there.” Linda nodded and started moving off. Diane grinned and turned to follow. Edward said, “Piggly, get back here. Don’t follow those nice ladies.”
Linda went on, “Can you believe it? No leashes. Those Pacifica II people just don’t know how to control their animals.”
The sisters walked almost every day, but when Diane showed up for the stroll on June 6th, Linda wasn’t feeling well. Following the usual street pattern Diane walked anyway and she ran into Edward again.   He explained, “Yeah, it was too sudden. Becky was with us one minute and the next she was gone.” He paused and looked down at Piggly where Diane was petting him.   “That’s the happiest I have seen him in weeks. He sure likes you.”
In early May Linda didn’t understand it when Diane said, “I don’t now what it is about Edward.   He just makes me feel so special, and that Piggly. What a little love.”
Linda said, “I don’t get why you would want to waste your time with any of those Pacifica II people with their weird doors and roof lines and out of control pets. Every time we get near that guy’s house he always ‘accidentally’ comes out to pick up his mail, or bring in the trash cans.”
Edward and Diane started dating, and after three years, they decided to get married. They invited Linda, but the wedding was held in the Pacifica II Clubhouse. Linda had recently decided not to traverse the tree-lined parkway that separated the two communities, though the two home-owners associations shared the cost of maintaining it. Linda saw it as a line not to be crossed.
Diane was saddened when her sister decided not to walk with her anymore. “You’ve become one of those Pacifica II people,” Linda said.
Piggly, Edward, and Diane enjoyed life, and each other, and that strangely-different little community of Pacifica II. They painted their door Jacques Majorelle blue to honor Linda’s memory.

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