Snippets 20


Pelican Sea III stretch
Snippets 20       Summer 2020
Mano a Mano
The only hands God needs are yours connected to a heart that loves Him.
I do my twice daily physical therapy exercises at least once a week whether I need them or not.
Testing puts your faith on the witness stand. – Tony Evans
The rain taps an announcement of its arrival. The earth sighs into humidity its return to the sky.
Too worried to think about tomorrow. Too resentful to turn back. All I can do is today.
What we really long for in this land of pleasure can only be filled by God. – Mark Foreman
Agora os Filisteus reuniram suas forças para a guerra e reuniram-se em Sokoh em Judá. Eles
acamparam acampamento em Ephes Dammim, entre Sokoh e Azekah. Saul e os Israelitas
reuniram-se e acamparam no vale de Elah e elaboraram sua linha de batalha para conhecer os
Filisteus. os Filisteus ocuparam uma colina e os Israelitas outro, com o vale entre eles.
Um campeão chamado Goliath, que era de Gath, saiu do acampamento Filisteu.
Unless you understand Portugese, very little of what precedes this will be easy to understand.
You may only recognize a few words. Our comprehension of the bounty and beauty in Heaven
is at that same level.
There are actually people who work for tips that don’t smile.
Traffic Jam
Biblical knowledge without action is like driving a Ferrari on the Hollywood freeway at 5:30 PM
on a Wednesday.
One Night
Never bump uglies in the middle of the night with someone you haven’t married in the broad
God’s will in our lives is about as clear as when we say “the sun is rising.” It looks that way to us
but actually our earth is turning at a thousand miles per hour and the sun doesn’t move the way it
seems to us. God knows; mostly we do not.
Recognizing someone else’s sins does not make us less sinful.
Jesus is closer than the earth beneath your feet.
Who am I that I should expect more from God than He has for me?
Depression is hoping for a better past.
Only In
Americans overate the impact of mankind and undervalue the influence of the individual.
A black man can ride a white horse and a white man can ride a black horse. It is not the color of
the horse or the color of the man that determines who they are. It is the choice of the battle to
which they ride and why they choose to ride at all that determines their characters.

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