Completion 2Completion                                                      July, 2020

Make no mistake about this. Some people cannot rest until a task is finished. There are others who never seem to conclude anything. The greatest assignment of all spans these years, months, and days of our lifetime.

In reality this journey here on earth is only a part of your story. You existed before you were born human, you are living on the earth for your allotted time, and you will leave your body behind and live far beyond these earthly years. Too many people think of death as completion. It is merely transition.

At a funeral when I hear someone say of the deceased, “she was a good person.”  I wonder why it feels so final. We are told about Heaven and we are informed about Hell. We lost our dear friend Joey recently. Sad as we are, Joey is forever perfectly fixed, never changing, in our minds, and in God’s Heaven. There aren’t enough birds in the dove releaser’s apiary to define the lives that Joey touched. The descriptions for those final destinations are spelled out in human terms for us to understand, though those descriptions fall far short of what the afterlife realities will hold for us.

In Heaven we will sing (on key and on tempo) praising God. We will be assigned tasks that are most pleasing. No time will be wasted in fear, sorrow, or illness. Our days will all be happy and fulfilling surrounded by millions of others who love us and who we can love in return without the human need for transactional reckoning. We will never say, “he didn’t give me a Christmas present as nice as what I gave him.“ Instead it will be, “let me give him more.”

In Hell, we will be isolated from the love for others and the love from others. We will hear their anguished cries of pain and tears of loneliness, but we will be too busy to do anything about the problems of others as we are overwhelmed by our own. Yet, there will be no relief, ever. Hades is the opposite of Heaven. It is a complete separation from God by those who have said, “ There is no God.” They have literally chosen their afterlife. Even in this, God gives us what we want.

This life of 79 years plus or minus pales by comparison to the thousands of centuries before and after.  We came from Heaven where “God knit us together in (our) mother’s womb.” He gave thought to every aspect of who we would be. Ever watching, he released us at conception to our humanity then allowed us to be born into this world.  There we would make the one choice that forever matters – is this life about me and my wants or is it about Him and His wants? He sent us His son Jesus to tell us exactly what His wants are. By accepting what we were told in His Bible, we align ourselves with Heaven or Hell in a completion like no other.

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