Hell                                                    August 2020
There is a lot of confusion in this modern world about the word hell. Over the past centuries not so much: hell was considered a real place.   It was understood that Hades was a place of torture and one that was specifically tailored to the individual recipient. Just look at Hieronymus Bosch’s depiction and you will get the idea just how specific. Then, it was considered a real place.
These days, most people think of it as a concept. It is not taken seriously though it should be. When the apostate and the atheist think of Christians, they often associate the world hell with overreaching judgment by those that profess to love Jesus.   Sometimes they are right, but often they are wrong. Christians don’t judge others, but what the Bible says is inescapable about the definition of judgment and more specifically Judgment Day. Each of us will one day face God’s judgment, and the supposed judgment by humans will pale by comparison.
Those persons who have discarded God and His Son Jesus, should not be surprised at what happens to them.   When a life is spent rejecting something, why is it a shock that the rejected thing is not present when death arrives? One pastor calls Hell the “not God place.” The truest moment of the crucifixion had nothing to do with nails pounded through hands with a sledge hammer. The worst was when God turned His back on His Son who was covered in our sins.   Jesus cried out, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” (My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?) It was the most painful thing that Jesus would ever encounter, the separation from His Father.
On Judgment Day our actions on this earth will be taken into account and a level of righteousness and a level of sinfulness will be noted. Here is the profound difference. No matter how the scales depict our final report card, those who have taken Jesus into their heart will find an advocate at their shoulder as they face the living God.   He will say, “Yes this man, this women, this person, this one was a sinner, but I died on the cross for his forgiveness, her forgiveness.” At that very moment, Heaven will rejoice, yet again for the hundredth million time, and that poor powerless sinner standing in the dock will be forgiven and pass into Heaven with full citizenship.
NOT because of what he or she did in life, but merely because of Who he or she chose to spend time with in eternity do they find their dwelling in Heaven or in Hell. The worst of Hell will be the separation from the One its residents now completely understand is God. They will be totally divorced from the Greatest Love of all time because they filed the divorce papers before they went to court.
Where you go in life is a choice. Where you go in death is a choice. No human judgment can change the outcome of your choice. That is between you and God.

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