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Coexist                                                         August 2020
I heard it said that we dwell somewhere between God’s grace and God’s truth. Rather, I think we dwell with both at the same time, just as the physical world exists concurrently with the spirit world. Truth feels more “real” to our human eyes.   Though we may not see the realm of the Spirit, it is still very much here.

When someone doesn’t believe in God, He is still there.  When another does believe in God, He is still there.  One can have a belief about the contrast between the black ink and the white paper on this page but that doesn’t change the reality of either of them. You can examine them both with an electron microscope but that doesn’t modify the meaning of these words one whit.  The paper and ink are physical ,and no opinion will change that. Their meaning is spiritual and depends on the unique experience of each reader. The context of the person who sees them changes the spirit in which the words are received.

My friend Jim sees God in everything and rightly so. The Lord has blessed him as a physicist to look very deeply into the mysteries of the physical world. As he observes the enormous intricacy and interactions, many things are revealed to him.   Jim sees both the colossal array of connections, and the enormity of He who put it all together. That way of looking is both overwhelming in its complexity and comforting in knowing the Source who created what is seen. Not everyone can handle the vastness of it all.

I thank God that he has blessed me with the use of just 10% of my brain power. I am not sure I could handle the 20% that Jim seems to be using.  When I see a flower I say, “Beautiful.”   When Jim sees it, he recognizes how the petal color draws the bee,  the pollen on the bee’s legs, the way it cross pollinates, and the mother bird biting into the ripe peach and sharing the juice with her chirping babes in the nest who one day soon will learn to fly.

The two worlds coexist, and neither is more real than the other. What Jim sees and what I see are profoundly different, but neither of our opinions change the way of either world. They are. God IS the one and He CREATED the other.

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