Volunteers September 2020

There are many problems in the world and many solutions for solving them. One of the more-interesting challenges is making sure that everyone has something to eat. What gets in the way sometimes are government agencies, greed, transportation, and the actual supply of food. I remember my friend Wehibe Aklilie clearly telling me about the problems in Eritrea, his home country which was in conflict with Ethiopia. Eritrea was also in the midst of a famine but Ethiopia had the ports and the transportation. Though a great deal of food showed up to help the people of Eritrea, it just didn’t make it to those in need. All of the problems mentioned above contributed to their continued starvation.

There are enough farms, and there is enough production to feed everyone in the world.   Isn’t it interesting that we haven’t been able to work this out?  We have scientists that are breaking down the billions of combinations of DNA which will lead to cures for significant number of diseases. We have engineers that aimed relatively tiny metal cylinders at the moon and have gotten men there. NASA has sent probes to Mars and Pluto. Nations have built unbelievably-effective, beautiful bridges, dams, and highways.   Yet, somehow we haven’t been able to organize the transportation of food.  

There is wealth that if shared from a giving heart and directed by champions who understand what is needed, could really help with the solution. More than all this, we have people who are not engaged in work, family, or volunteerism. Oh, they are busy but busy at what? When Christ washed the disciples’ feet, He sent a message about serving others that is still ringing in our ears today 2,000 years later.

My new friend Robert works for Meals on Wheels. He recently told me there is plenty of food; they just don’t have enough volunteer drivers to take the food to the people who need it.  One day he discovered an 84-year-old woman and her 87-year-old husband who didn’t have any food. They called him and asked if he could help. The food was in the warehouse, but all the drivers, both volunteer and salaried, had full routes for the day. Robert took care of the elderly couple with extra time and miles. There are many organizations to which you can lend a helping hand, but this one sounds like it has a pretty urgent need.  Robert explained that it’s not a full-time commitment and can be as little as one day a month. Of course, if you really enjoy it, you might want more.  

Wherever you live contact Meals on Wheels at

https://www.mealsonwheelsamerica.org/americaletsdolunch and find out more.    

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