Conspiracy September 2020

I want you to know what I know. There are friends in my sphere that want the same thing for you. We are conspiring to make you smart about the secrets to success. The mysterious path to happiness, the value of a purposeful life, and the key to keeping all of these joys forever are just a few of our desires for you.

That word forever seems enigmatic. The world keeps saying, “nothing lasts forever.“ As we age, as our seasons of life change, it would appear the worldview is correct. Yet, God’s abilities are beyond natural; they are supernatural and beyond the capacity of humans to understand or do.  That is how He can promise a forever that we have come to call Heaven.

Some people say, “Christians just want me to be like themselves.“ And “it’s a conspiracy.“ Parts of those concepts are true but not for the reason the non-Christians think. What the true-hearted Christians want is for everyone to go to Heaven –  the same thing God wants. They and the Creator know that this can only happen by accepting the gift of Christ who took the burden of every sin, for every person, for all time. The conspirators are God, Jesus, and Christians who love others enough to share this truth.

The most important part of “be like them“ is how one is after death. The least important is being like a Christian while here. We are all flawed and begging God’s pardon every day and that includes me. Those prayerful conversations are behind closed doors between conspirators.

The comparison between what little I can do, measured by what Jesus did, is laughable. Yet, Jesus finds my little part attractive, and it warms His heart as He warms mine. There will not be a trillion copies of my book in print 2,000 years from now. Maybe He only wants one person to read it.  That is my little part of the story.  What is your part?

Always vote on the basis of the big picture, not on the candidate who can do the most for you as an individual.  Always Vote !

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