Without Context

Without Context October 2020  

I wish I had time to research this concept and go for a book-length presentation. Instead, these will be my thoughts. The human mind must organize itself. One of the greatest fears, indeed one of the greatest losses, is the failure of memory. The specific memory is not gone; it just can’t be found. Its location in the great filing cabinet of the mind is lost.  The context of other memories refuses to help us source the one we seek. This confusion can lead to fear and loss of hope as well.

The ultimate and most horrible manifestation of memory failure is schizophrenia, a psychosis which must organize every single stimulus that every sense can deliver. Those stimuli assault the victim by the dozens every minute. The mind cannot keep up as it tries to wire the connections to the context, and this leads to madness.

Trauma is the most difficult. Trauma is a sudden event involving a violence or a violation. It becomes instantly emotional.  Its occurrence is always something physical witnessed by a person who never expected it.

Because the brain cannot organize the trauma, it rewires itself, skipping over the usual part of the mind where the incident would be filed surrounded by contextual events. The shock becomes a memory that refuses to go away and defies organization – we have a name for this – PTSD, post traumatic STRESS disorder.

When we murder, are raped, witness the sudden death of someone we love, or are involved in a similarly shocking incident, the situation demands a cause.  This extraordinary event seeks blame on one self or another to create context. Its reality cannot be denied. The event is life-changing.

Though the trauma is best forgotten and best forgiven, this cannot be done naturally. It must be done supernaturally. Only God can give that kind of forgiveness, that level of forgetfulness. He can fill our minds with new memories and new context that pushes the horrible ones out from the center of our daily thoughts toward the fringe where they belong. As the prime, surviving participant, we must ask Him to do this miracle, this healing.    

We do not have government by majority. We have government by the majority who vote. – Thomas Jefferson                                       Please vote, my friends.

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