Free Books

Dear Followers, I have decided to start the holiday season by making all of my books free as a gift to you and yours until the end of the year. If you see a title or titles that you would like just send me your email and I will send you the e-books of your choice.

20/20 A.D. – a novel, written in 2003 about the then future. A mysterious young girl has a life-giving impact on the world in trouble.  (270 pages)

Just This Once – a guide for first time home buyers and those who are buying again after a long time in residence.  The book describes the complete process in linear order with hints for a smooth and successful transaction.  (61 pages)

King Maker, Queen Bee – how women can improve the relationship with the man in their life and maximize that man’s impact in the world, his business, and those around him.  (52 pages)

Angel Maker – a book for men to encourage the women in their lives with a big pay off for the initiator.  (32 pages)

The Camp – a biography about a nine-year-old boy who becomes interred in an Indonesian concentration camp during the Japanese occupation in World War II. (72 pages)

The Art of Spiritual War –  using the guide of Chinese General Sun Tzu’s 384 passages from the 6th century BC, The Art guides the reader on how to take the battle against evil on the offense and into the enemy camp. (188 pages)

Marie, A Love Story – the autobiography of one family’s walk through the jungle called Alzheimer’s disease.  (Though free, please consider making a contribution as noted on the final page.)   (47 pages)

Secrets of New Home Sales – the great national homebuilders spend billions on marketing. Find out what they do and how to use that knowledge to sell your home for more money and in less time.  (35 pages)

To receive the FREE BOOKS:  Just email and specify which title or titles you want for yourself, a friend, or a family member.

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