Enough December 2020  

Those of you who are parents will know the concerns of this article exactly. Even as children these facts will become apparent to you. As you will see, this is good news.  

In our military family, with five children, the only practical way to move about was in a station wagon and the bigger the better.   When mom went to the commissary to buy food, she went alone or with just one of us, because the return trip to our home in Fallbrook required every square inch of the back two rows. I remember so many excursions in that 1959 Chevy we called SeaGull with its wings on the back.  

Road trips were always a challenge. Phrases like, “Mom, Peggy’s touching me,” to “Dad, Bobby’s going to throw up,” emanated from behind the driver (At that point the rear window would slide down automatically to allow the necessary exit.) The phrase we dreaded most from Dad who had had enough of the disallowed activity was, “Don’t make me come back there!” or worse, “I’m coming back there.” And he meant it, too.

 Today, we find ourselves surrounded by disallowed activities. Parents are horrified of and live in fear for their children and the future of those they love. If you don’t believe me, just go out on the freeway and drive at the speed limit for ten minutes. Ninety-nine percent of the cars will pass you, and the drivers of the ones you pass are either too drunk to maintain or just looking for an exit.   Add ten miles to your speed limit and 50% of the cars will still pass you. Add 20 miles to the legal limit and you will still be like a slalom flag on a down hill ski race for drivers that consider you an obstacle to their progress.  

The ultimate Parent is God, and He loves us. He gave us one law. Eve and Adam broke it. He gave us ten laws, and we broke them. He gave us many laws in the book of Deuteronomy, and we found a way to break every one of them. As a solution and perhaps a punishment, He saddled us with legal expenses in court and for attorneys to straighten out what we had created through our misbehavior.  

Here is what is important to remember, God was the Beginning, He is here now, and He will write the ending. His universe, his rules. Like my dad, one day He will say, “Enough.” His “don’t make me come down there” was declared by sending his Son Jesus to earth as a final warning and substitution of punishment for our disallowed activities. In complete awe of that kind of patience, we SHOULD repent and stop breaking His laws. Do not be tricked into believing that everything we have in our country, in our health, in our careers, in our families, in our wealth, and in our thoughts will remain unchanged. All of these joys are at risk based on who we are and what we choose to do with His grace and provision.

The good news is the fact that we do have alternatives.   Though today’s choices may not seem like much to you, they could have a profound impact on someone else.   Likewise your choices have an important impact on your ever-after life. Now you must choose because this New Year’s Eve may be the last chance. Thank God we are blessed with His patience and have one more day to make these kinds of choices. Each of us must choose.

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