Displacement January 2021

When you look at a ship heading out of port, it seems something that large could not possibly float.   With its massive weight, it must surely sink. When I was young, I thought all the air inside was what kept it up, rather like a balloon.   The physics of it is simple enough. As long as the ship weighs less than the water it displaces, it will not sink.  

This may seem silly but if you held a ship up in the air and dropped it, then it would certainly fall.   So if there is a mixture of water and air under the ship, the possibility exists that it could become heavier than the air/water mix it displaces. Enter the Bermuda Triangle and its mysteries. There you will find a solid known as methane hydrate.   Slight temperature increases or sub surface earthquakes can change this solid material into a gas in a matter of moments. Being lighter than water, it will immediately rise to the surface of the ocean. If, and I do stress if, there is a boat or a ship at that very spot when the methane hydrate rises, it could sink the vessel. Perhaps this explains the strange disappearances in that area.  

The spectrum of human behavior has an enormous range. We could perhaps find Mother Teresa at one end and Adolph Hitler at the other. The ultimate spiritual extremes would find Jesus at one end and Satan at the other. Enter the law and its consequences. Each society has regulations and even within those tolerances you find a range, though smaller in its variations. The laws of society are not that different from the laws of physics. Actions have causes and motion takes energy.  

At what level does a society say, “Are you fit to be one of us? You are just taking up space. You are displacing someone who could produce more.” When society opposes God’s work, it can be a form of methane hydrate release. Things just got too warm for those in leadership and they have to push back for their protection. We should look first to the Creator for the truth of who we are and indeed, who the others are.  

At what level do I ask, “Is my ship and its cargo worth the space that it takes up? Is this what God really wants me to do right now?”  

I am using fuel, air, power, maintenance, and one day there will be more crew members and management to care for me. Now is the time to be on the move. Am I just sitting in the harbor when I could be in motion carrying the goods to someone?   My cargo is the Good News. I need to make my transport worthwhile.    

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