Unbelievable January 2021  

If we look seriously at the number of galaxies, solar systems, planets, and moons in the universe, the count is staggering.  The odds of life being accidentally created from scratch are tremendous, perhaps impossible. It makes me wonder when I take the odds against and compare to the number of solar systems possible. Is there some kind of balance that would make the statistics more favorable for something this unintentional?  That is unbelievable.  

What is life? Is it mobile meat that does not spoil? Is it anything worth discussing if there is no spirit? Of all the things that can be created, the spark of life itself must be the most difficult. I am talking about the creation of an independent, sentient being with no particular level of intelligence assigned to it. Even a jellyfish would qualify.

To this question we must add the complexity of the number of species just on this one planet. The range of intelligence is substantial, but the range of emotions and common sense is fairly tight. The human’s need for survival is not that much different from that of a tiger. When we are suffocating, we both need air. When we are thirsty, we must both drink. When we are hungry, we must get food no matter how hard it is to do so.

Beyond that, we have the need for group culture and for protection more than anything else. Behind that comes the range of lower needs, though some animals and people find that necessity higher than the more tangible survival requirements like air and food. Humans are particularly subject to this.  We might kill another human being to get food during a famine, and yet we might starve ourselves to death at the loss of companionship.

No, none of this happened by accident. The odds are just too long against it. We are the creation of an infinite, all-knowing, and everlasting God. It’s a startling realization that He loves each of us, knows our name, and wants us in direct communications with him on a daily basis.  If He can do all this to please us, what can we do to please Him? 

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