Sin is like a loaf of bread.  There are many shelves of it at the grocery store from which to choose.  It is easy to find and inexpensive to acquire.  A loaf can even be cooked up at home with practically no up-front cost.

As time passes, it begins to develop mold.  At first if cannot be seen, but after a while it is visible to anyone.  The ones who own it can pick out the bad bits, at least those they easily see.  They may get sick eating the rest of it but they figure it isn’t really that much.  Finally, it becomes an ugly mess, and no one wants to touch or think about it.

Battle Poem:

I hear the gnashing teeth of sin’s temptation,

robbed of its desired elation.

My back turned on it left frustration,

worldly desires unused, sin felt consternation.

My face turns toward the light,

leaving sin’s wide open door in the dark of night.

My friend Jesus saves from its blight,

to do the work which He calls right.

Like bread, sin is attractively wrapped and has an encouraging label.  Unlike the bread, sin is evil from the first bite until the last. Like moldy bread, until the sin is thrown out, the spores permeate the very air of the home where it sits.  It is best not purchased to begin with. 

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