I just spent an hour with a gentleman whose hobby is repairing very-old clocks. He taught me each major element in a clock has its own mechanism. For instance, the mechanism that powers the hands and delivers the correct time, is on one set of gears and has its own spring and key to wind it up.   The mechanism for the chime, which bongs out the quarter hours, is on another set while the mechanism for the alarm is on a third.

It has occurred to me after watching these details that humans are like that clock in some respects. What motivates us and what drives us forward changes with age, financial conditions, surroundings, hours on the job, health, and our daily habits. Looking at the outside of someone, you can’t see that person’s different motivations. You also can’t tell which one is dominant at any moment in time. The case and the face of a clock can be just as unreadable when trying to understand what goes on inside.   On the day of Pentecost, thousands of Jews from many nations heard those who followed Christ speak.   The Holy Spirit translated what they heard into the native language of the listeners. This was true for two reasons. First, because God had chosen those “foreigners,” who were not from Galilee, to become believers. Second, because God knows every human accepts the truth only on his or her own terms according to the context of their individual life experiences.

God may choose you to talk to someone you barely know about the Good News of Jesus. With your heart in the right place, He will give you the correct words to speak to the individual in front of you. Then they too can learn of Christ’s love for all mankind, every individual one.

Even though you may have known someone for many years, you may not have shared about Jesus’ love. This kind of sharing can be very intimate, given the knowledge you have about your friend. God put us together for a purpose, and we should never be bashful about the most important information we will ever know. When you do, the cog, the gear that you are, meshes with God’s purposes and the gears of another person. Just like clockwork. Right on time.

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