I was a citizen of a prisoner of war camp when my dream began. Then came the liberation as the war ended. Over my several years in the camp, prisoners were transferred in and out. No matter how close we had grown while we were in the dream camp, we did not know what happened after someone left. Wandering through the nearby towns after my release,  I was surprised to learn of old friends who had survived and were now free again.

I think that our arrival in Heaven will be like my dream. Running into someone we know may surprise us that they are there. Not finding some we thought would be might be just as interesting. There is a lot of speculation about what Heaven will be like, but we do know some things. 

The earth we are standing on today will be gone, and a new earth will be built in its place. You may have surmised I like architecture and one of my favorite passages in the Bible describes it in detail (Revelation 21.) As well, we get new bodies.  We will have dwellings, friends, food, and work.  We will not have disease, tears, death, anxiety, or sorrows. 

That sense of joy and freedom I experienced in my dream when released from the prison camp might feel like one’s arrival in Heaven.  I believe we will have a terrific sense of relief from this earth which can feel like a prison with its politics of power, ailments, difficult relationships, and emotional deprivations.  Verse 27 says, “Nothing impure will ever enter it . . ” An environment where we never have to wonder who loves us, who to trust, or who will respect us sounds very liberating. We are here now and must do what we are able with what we are given.  We can do it with a gleam in our eyes knowing the promise of Heaven that awaits us.

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