Irish Irish

Beaner, jap, gini, yuon, kraut, goyim, hick, jew, mick, frog, honky, whitey, redneck, black, chink, ukrop, wop, jungle bunny, spic, peckerwood, buddahead, abo, chankoro, kafir, raghead, soosmar-khor . . .need I go on?  

At the age of 17, I participated in a very minor, civil rights’ demonstration focused on race.   Even then I wondered why we were putting a name on something that we want to discourage. Judging others is a safety measure in some instances. Is that person crossing the street in my direction going to harm me? Why does that fellow look so out of place in this neighborhood? Most of the time those judgments do not involve life and death decisions.   Yet, we carry that judging capacity and tendency into our everyday life.  

The folks in media discourage us from judging on the basis of race and skin color, but in the very next segment, call out, with sensationalism, the kinds of actions they declare are bad. It is a two-faced technique designed to create tension and increase viewership.   There are very few things that I hate, but this is one of them. Encouraging differences is evil. Making one racial group feel like victims and another guilty of victimization on the basis of its race is wrong. That is literally using race as a flash point to enhance our differences and create enmity on the basis of skin color. The media promoting their self interests when they see it, and using it, robs both the victims and the public.  

Our eyes are never color blind but our actions must be and in this I am speaking to EVERY race. We need to be blind to our differences when those distinctions do not matter. Most of the time they don’t have any purpose. If you stand an Irish Catholic up next to an Irish Protestant you would be hard pressed to tell which was which. The same continuity exists between a Northern Sudanese and a Southern Sudanese. The list is endless. Yet, they will kill each other over their differences.  

This is not a global appeal. This is me speaking to you as an individual. All permanent and productive change happens in the heart of we humans one at a time.   We cannot expect more from others than we are capable of ourselves. We need not be change promoters as much as we need to be changeable.    

Let’s quit talking about race and start focusing on humanity and what we can do to help everyone get along.    

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