Did you know that all the matter in the universe prior to the “big bang” was compressed into a little space smaller than a child’s marbles?  Did you know that the matter is still not only moving out from the explosion but is also inexplicably accelerating.  That defies both logic and science. 

Think about electricity for a moment. When the flow of electricity is interrupted, we get light, heat, or sound as a byproduct.  Something goes into one end of the wire and comes out the other end, but the wire is unchanged. 

One of the finest designed systems on our planet is the circle of water.  Rain hits the earth and then flows down a creek to a river.  The river roars to the ocean.  All along the way,  evaporation pulls water vapor into the clouds from which it rains.  Nothing is lost.

The plants of the earth take in carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen.  The animals take in oxygen and convert it to carbon dioxide.  This is true in the atmosphere and under the water.  The loop is complete as these two entities make life possible for each other.

A mother teaches her son how to cook a beef brisket.  He teaches the same recipe to his four children and adds potatoes and carrots. Each comes up with four different kinds of gravy and trains the fourth generation.  Knowledge compounds and continues to grow.

Fruit falls to the ground, and the rotting flesh feeds the seeds.  Then a sapling springs up. As the tree grows, the blooms come in spring, and fruit comes from the flowers.  The circle is complete.

We are surrounded by magnificent designs from a glorious Designer.  We use and benefit from them every day and do not even need to know how they work.  Mankind’s designs require knowledge.  You cannot drive a car unless you know where to put the key.  An arrow cannot be shot unless you understand its pairing with a bow.  Even wielding a hammer requires knowing which end to pick up. 

Be amazed by what the Designer has made for you.

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