I saw a boy a peekin’ out the car door window.
He was just tall enough for his eyes to be a squintin’
over the edge of the glass to the world outside.

He cannot see anything but where his father drives him. 
His vision is only where the wheels align him.
When they come to a store he gets excited,
because they’ll go inside it.
But at the bar he can’t and his father tells him to be a hidin’.
“Stay in the car son, I’ll be back in a minute,” when dad goes inside.
As he grows there is no mystery about the grocery store. 
Yet, His eyes develop a yearning to see inside the bar,
for this is where a man goes when he is unencumbered. 
The years go by and the boy visits the bars more often
As troubles mount and sleep comes harder,
there he thinks he cures his lost slumber,
as he numbs his mounting problems. 
We are not driven to what is forbidden by God.
Where are you driving your sons & daughters, parents?

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