Snippets 21

Most of the fruit is on the outside of the tree but it is the trunk, the limbs, and the heart of the tree that make the fruit sweet.

Holey Moley
Everyone has a pie hole for input and another hole for output. When the wrong thing comes out of the wrong hole you end up with a bad uncomplimentary title named for the output hole.  Don’t get your input and your output mixed up.

Doing What?   
Our very lack of individual persecution, coupled with our riches by global standards, should make this a time of incredible accomplishment.  Our distractions are many but our ability to achieve is profound.  Take the time to succeed.  You have more energy than you imagine. 

It is the most precious commodity.  We love trees, crops, and agriculture.  In California’s central valley, water is $73 per acre foot.  In San Diego County’s 92082 zip it is $2,200 per acre foot.  Farms in the first provide 30% of the entire nation’s fruit and vegetables.  Farmers in the second are tearing out their orchards because they cannot afford the water.

It is the second most precious commodity.  Construction uses sand in concrete to build houses, roads, playgrounds, and walls.  It is in glass, asphalt, and the chips in your phone. Globally there is a $1 billion black market in stolen sand and $70 billion in annual legitimate sales. Desert sand cannot be used as the sharp, clinging edges have been knocked off by the wind tumbling the grains.

Carl’s Jr.
I met Carl Karcher when he opened a new branch in the exciting 1,500 room Westin Bonaventure Hotel’s 10-story mall. I asked him for the most challenging problem in his company.  He said, “I can’t get the guy in Palm Springs to make the roast beef sandwich the same company way as the guy in San Diego. The person who buys it likes it one place but not the other, then doesn’t come back.”  Consistency.

If I realize and confess every sin in my life and repent of every one today, I will be no less a sinner tomorrow.  “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.  See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way of everlasting.”                  (Psalm 139:23-24). Thank God for the Savior who took to my cross instead of me hanging there.

A mother counseled her son about his life’s problems: “It is the bumps on the climb up the mountain that make it possible to hang on.  God puts the bumps there to show us the way to go.”

Prem Pradhan was imprisoned in Nepal for talking to people about Christ.  He converted many of his prison guards.  They moved him to another prison where he did the same.  The process continued through many prisons all over the nation.  Despite his poor circumstances and the threats against him, he never let up.  Effectively, he had planted churches all over Nepal where there are now over three million Christians.

Baron Philippe de Rothschild and Robert Mondavi worked on creating a globally recognized fine wine together.  For years they discussed a California growing ground or French acreage, what type of grapes and whose to use.  Whose wine masters, whose barrels, and ultimately what to name it.  At the press conference to announce the wine in Beverly Hills they invited over a hundred journalists who sat on the edges of their seats.  After a full minute pause, they said that it would be called: Bob & Phil’s Big Red.  You could hear the laughter a block away.

End of the Tunnel
May the white light you see as you lay passing from this world be merely a reflection of the good that you have done while you were here.

You may become bored by the sun rising in a cloudless sky each morning, but it shall rise.

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