One Thing

If the most important thing in your life was to keep the sun in the same position in the sky, you could find a way to do that.  Acquiring a 1,000 mile per hour aircraft would make it possible.  Then you could do those minor, daily adjustments which account for changes in the tilt of the earth.  The sun would appear motionless in your “world” but there would be a problem.

The real earth, for which you were designed, would spin beneath you at 1,000 miles per hour.  There would be no night.  There would be no seasons.  There certainly would be no family or friendships.  No theatre, no restaurants, no birthday parties, no school, no church, and no way to re-supply your aircraft with its fuel or for your sustenance unless you had permanent, unlimited resources.  The sun and its position would be your only concern.  Sustainability?  Forget it.

Many times, we get focused on things and people we consider of great importance.   We lose touch with the reality around us and miss a lot of the beauty.  We become lost in too much work, addicted to drugs, Facebook, Pinterest, or TikTok.  We morph into political fanaticism, are infatuated with a person, or have a need for perfection.  We can also go the other way into laziness, withdrawal from life, and depression.  There is a middle ground.

God wants us in that middle ground, and He wants us in His will for our life.  He has great plans for each of us uniquely suited to our personage.  Trying to swim upstream against the flow of the river of His blessings is a lot like trying to keep the sun in the same place in the sky.  It is a lot more peaceful and productive to go in the direction He is pointing.  The things that make you anxious may not be the things He wants in your life.

What is your One Thing?  Is it worth spending your life on it?  Make a list of your 25 most-important things.  Then highlight the five MOST important selections.  Is your One Thing still at the top of the list?  That is where to focus your time, energy, money, and talent. If those are in God’s will, then you have no need to feel anxiety about them.  “Quiet my soul inside of me.”  – Diana Marie Young   Put simply, God wants you to be at peace on the journey no matter how hard it may be.  Write a second list of the things that make you anxious.  Then decide one of three things. 

  1. Make up your mind that they are not so important.
  2. Realize your worry does not produce better results. 
  3. Just give them over to God and let Him worry about them.

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