You have often heard it said that there is a hole in the heart.  Spoken of as though this were some accident of God’s creation, I have learned a truth about this concept.  We are created exactly as He designed us; by this, I mean individually designed us.  The hole however seems to be universal.  By design, it is the essence of our free will, which He also gave us.  The pivot point of humanity, our purpose in being on this earth, is the time spent choosing how we wish to spend eternity.  As we seek to fill the hole, the choices we make are a reflection of the direction we are headed in our eternity choice.  

Should my house catch on fire, what would I bring out in my panic?  There are things that I cherish but only sentimentally.  I love the pallet knife my grandfather used to create his oil paintings.  The silver goblets with which Cindi and I used to toast our successes are special.  The family photo albums goes without saying.  My phone, checkbook, car, and wallet will have utility value after the crisis.  My writings have been emailed to myself and scattered around in secondary locations on thumb drives. Physical possessions do not seem to have much meaning.  Wander through your house and ask yourself the same question.  

Here are physical ways to fill that hole which identify with the spiritual ways to fill it.  

A couple I know do not take “vacations” though they leave for a time to some foreign destination.  They take two-week planned missions.  

A client desired to buy a house so missionaries on sabbatical might have a place to stay.  

A friend bought a ranch with a pond and included a home with many bedrooms in which to house foster children.  

A buddy bought a car large enough to ferry men to the church’s annual men’s retreat.  

The hole is as natural as becoming hungry when we do not eat.  It is as natural as being thirsty when dehydrated.  The hole demands to be filled.  Even with all the cars, vacations, homes, and doodads mentioned above, the hole cannot be completely filled.  Relationships cannot fill it, though this is the most oft tried solution.  The hole cries out to be filled.  For some of us, its loud cry is overwhelming.  The filling is only complete when we put Jesus into the heart from which the cry originates.   

The purpose of the mission in planning is not complete until the mission is engaged.  The housing of missionaries in a home is not fulfilled until they arrive and occupy the space.  When the bedrooms are joyfully occupied by foster children the ranch is more than a ranch.  The car to bring men to the retreat is without its larger purpose until it’s on the road with them aboard.  

Likewise, when Jesus fills the hole, it is complete and yields the good-achieving actions which the filling seeks.  The Master inspires us only to the degree that we allow him to be in control of the hole’s contents.  He will cram it so full that our days will be occupied with the best of things – the activities of a heart filled with JOY and a filling that is true and good.  

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