My Covid

There were 44,000+ fans in the house when I went to the San Diego Padres baseball game on Saturday July 31.  I wasn’t particularly worried.  I had been told that my two-shot Covid “vaccination” from Moderna would protect me. The giant scoreboard often announced, “Get Loud” and “Make Noise” and boy, did we!  We did The Wave several times,  jumping up and raising our arms while shouting.  Basically, 44,000 people were expelling all the air in their lungs at high velocity and then turning their heads to the left to send it on.  

On Tuesday, I had a little bit of a runny nose.  Wednesday morning I had a little cough.  Wednesday afternoon I felt a little warm and didn’t think anything about it.  Then the guy who had been sitting on my right at the game called and said he had just tested positive for Covid.  Over the next two days, I learned that the two men to his right had also tested positive.  By then, I was self isolating. I switched to my sick-routine diet of thirty years: fresh orange juice and sourdough bread.   

Thursday, my temperature was over 100 and fatigue was setting in.  I was tired and I coughed.  With my sinuses running, I took to bed.  At 3:00 a.m. the body aches got so bad I had to take Tylenol for the pain.  This brought my temperature down, which in my opinion is not a good thing.  A nice fever, up to 101.5 kills massive amounts of the virus and is our friend.  I was in bed 12 hours overnight and slept 10 of them.  

One bout of the chills on Friday was followed by some headaches and joint aches.  I tried to get a quick, swab test through my medical provider, but a Monday appointment was the best they could do.  I found out that there was a walk-in, county testing site, but I doubted I would be let into the building with my symptoms.  The doctor’s PA called and recommended a bland diet and lots of liquids.  He said the vaccinations may not have prevented the virus, but it would make the ordeal easier.  My temperature slowly climbed all day as the Tylenol worked its way out of the system.  My temperature returned to 99.9 by 8:00 p.m. and I was back to bed.  Sleep would not come so I took Tylenol at 11:00 p.m. and slept eleven hours.   

Each day my temperature started near normal from the impact of the Tylenol only to climb throughout the day.  I ate chicken noodle soup and never lost my appetite.   Using Uber Eats, I took advantage of their first-user $30 coupon.  That worked out nicely.    Day Eleven, Tuesday.  Body aches and anxiety made for a fitful night’s sleep.  Will nap this afternoon.  Left knee joint started hurting last night and continues.  As expected, Covid test came back positive.  Temperature stayed normal all day with no medicinal help.  Congestion diminished.  Less coughing.  Fatigue diminished.   

Day 12-13, some coughing and sinus drainage, no fever, looking forward to the last few days as I still isolate.  

Day 14, no symptoms.  Clear for takeoff in 72 hours and a return to “normal.”  

Day 17, done, going to Costco to celebrate and restock the shelves.  

BOB’S RECOMMENDATION –  I still think the shots are good though they do not do what was promised by the media “to prevent Covid.”  I was in perfect health with no underlying co-morbidities, fully vaccinated, getting plenty of rest, and yet I caught it.  These shots are not “vaccines” as they are not “derived from the causative agent of a disease or its products.”  They are designed to boost the immune system through chemicals.   As a human all choices are yours.     

(Note: during my time off I was able to do research on vaccines and masks.  If you would like more factual information, I have it.  Just ask me at

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