Like Who

You cannot test the truth of science by looking into the minds of scientists.  The value of a railroad does not depend on the efficiency of the conductor, the alertness of the engineers, or the morals of the stockholders.  In the same way, the truth of Christianity cannot be tested by examining Christians.  

If, as some state, Jesus was only a good teacher, we, his students, are a poor report card to his tutorial skills.  His messages were simple, yet we still fail at following them many times.  Our goal as Christians is to be like Him, but we fall short.  You see, it is not his teachings that are incorrect.  It is we who are incorrect.  As important as his teaching is, his main purpose went well beyond his lessons.  He knew us.  

His purpose was to save all of us and not through some grading system.  There are murderers in prison for life who are now close to Him.  There are mayors, ditch diggers, and IT managers who are nothing as they live in sin.  One seems to have failed completely but has succeeded entirely.  The others seem successful but have failed terribly.  He came to save us all.  He knew us.  

The One who created the universe, with power beyond description, allowed common soldiers to drive huge nails into His wrists and feet.  He accepted theft, rape, murder, and jealousy heaped on his shoulders.  His own Father turned His back on Him in disgust for one moment in time.  Jesus accepted separation from God so we would never have to experience it.  He knew us.  

If we were perfect like Jesus, His sacrifice would have been unnecessary.  So neither judge Christianity, nor Christ, based on what Christians do.  Although we are nothing compared to Him, we are the reason for His coming to Earth.  

He knew us but still loved us as He loves you.

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