The fastest passage of time starts when I turn to Facebook at 9:00 PM and two minutes later it is 10:00 PM.  There is nothing wrong with what I am doing, but the question it begs is whether it is worth the time I spend on it.  Did I learn anything really important?  Were my comments helpful to someone else?    I have a friend who looks forward to his entry into the ministry. In worldly terms his position lacks the stature, pay, and perquisites of his former position as a successful commercial real estate agent.   You may find it only mildly interesting that he is having some major health problems while attempting to make this transition.  Read on to learn why this is important.

Reflecting on the presidency of Franklin D Roosevelt, we see a man beset by medical challenges so profound they would have killed a weaker man far sooner. He prevailed through extraordinary stress to lead our nation and others with it, to a victory which changed world history. We speak English, and bow at the waist to none, largely because of Roosevelt’s fortitude and the millions of daily prayers of faithful men and women despite who they voted for.

On 9/11/2001 President Bush was afflicted by a similar attack. This attack was different, but its physical results were no less profound. Think how he might have combined the strength of two parties to talk about solutions to help our ghetto children. Because the 9/11 attack came just eight months after he took office, he lost the time devoted to solving the drug problem. Why?  As we were attacked, so was his presidency. It was diabolically timed to detour him from growing global greatness and making the USA better for every man, woman, and child.

What we spend our days fretting over now distracts us from the opportunities that we can deliver to the citizens of the Earth. A Peace Army of teachers, engineers, and medical personnel can deploy throughout the globe.  They can lead by example, teaching others about improving agriculture, protecting resources, and raising children to new heights of education, health, and prosperity.  The Covid 19 crisis, global warming, critical race theory, and common core teaching concerns should not distract us from more important goals.

The perpetrators of the twin-tower attacks were used by the forces of evil to divert the attention of the American people. There was a detour from a golden age that was potentially a gift from the developed countries to the less fortunate ones.  A time of peace with its advantages was just waiting to bloom. This is clear proof of the war for our souls. Although it takes place in the spirit world, the evidence shows up on the front page of every newspaper on the Earth.  We are surrounded by news but should not be taken captive by it.  

My friend could not ignore his health challenge, but he also did not ignore his mission.  Even if you are attacked by health concerns, financial problems, and relationship issues do not be detoured.  Do not ignore your role in the struggle!  You are as much a part of its outcome as the Taliban soldier in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Quenching the flames of distraction and detour is just as important as the fire fighter breaking down the door of a burning house. What you do has profound significance.  Focus and do.

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