The Lord is not like a doctor. Healing comes from Him in all different forms. Often you will hear people say I’m praying for your health, or I’m praying for your recovery. Though this is good, it is not necessary.  I’d like to tell you why.

To begin with, God built an amazing immune system into your body to lower your maintenance needs rather than attending to you daily. Don’t get me wrong, He does attend to us each day,  but we are a lot less trouble when our well-designed body heals on its own. Building an incredible healing-and-recovery system into our bodies was part of His plan.  Here is an example: a scratch in your mouth heals in hours, while a scrape on your knee may take two weeks.  His healing is unique even down to the body part which is injured.  Can you imagine if you scratched your eye and the scab was there for a month?  Amazing! 

Secondly, God has empowered physicians, researchers, scientists, and hospitals to develop incredible cures and preventatives for diseases that proved fatal for people under the age of 45 just two hundred years ago. I truly believe that these are God-given wonders with which we are blessed, particularly in America.

Sometimes God wants us to come home, that is to Heaven. We struggle to understand why young people occasionally are taken to Heaven, but we must remember that God is in charge. He has a reason for everything He does. Face it, young people who go to Heaven may have been prevented from having something horrible happen in their life. They are for far better off than they would be here.

When it comes to diseases, particularly ones that are long lasting, it is even more difficult to understand why God would let good people suffer . There is no clear and universal answer to this question. In these cases, more than others, prayer is definitely important. The prayer can be one for patience, comfort, or rest. Because healing is not always in the plan, we shouldn’t be upset if God’s outcome for the disease is not what we wanted or expected.

Finally, God works the good and the bad to His good purposes.

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