Why Bob Writes

You and I were created by God in His image. He doesn’t “set the wheel spinning“ and walk away. He crafted each one of us individually. He took time and stepped back to study his masterpiece – YOU.

Then He made corrections, first in your DNA and then in your family life. He knew that your home environment would shape your future. He was with you when you took flight and went out on your own. You were already influencing your friends and siblings.  Now your ability to contribute would expand as you went into the world.

God came with you on your first job and every one since.  He was there for your wedding and when your own children were born. He attended your retirement party and supported those who gave you great ideas about what you could accomplish next.  Later, your mornings started the daily fight against life’s ills, which  continued to an exhausted evening, He gave you strength to get through.

He was with you, His creation, His child, because He loves you. No matter your stage in life, whether you’re nine or 90 He is with you and will be.

Why does Bob write? When he was 17 at a church youth camp he prayed for direction. God said “I want you to write.“  I began in 1965 with journals, poems, and haiku.  Term papers challenged me throughout college. A professor wrote at the top of the page on the final one, “Downgraded to A- because you are not Henry David Thoreau.“

That hurt. It also inspired Bob to write more and to write better.  Instead of allowing a crushing comment by a college professor to stop his dreams, with Gods’ inspiration, much has been accomplished. Each of you, the readers of these articles,  joined one at a time. There were no ad campaigns, no pleas for donations, and no specific topic, just a simple invitation from Bob.  Perhaps you remember that moment in time. Bob doesn’t ask for payment. They are God‘s gift to him and they are his gift to you.

The purpose is to make you think about being God’s son or daughter. To consider what you can do for others to make their lives better – in this life and in their eternal life. To help you improve your craft and personality to be more like the individual God made you to be. 

Bob hopes God will touch your heart to share each article with someone whose name comes to mind as you first read it.

Since there are so many readers, please understand why a particular article might convict you, inspire you, or cause you to change for the better. It wasn’t written to be a burden. It was written for all to contemplate and be inspired to action.  Like God, Bob loves you and wants the best for you.

You are a child of God, and He has blessed you with talent and the power to use it for His purposes. Try it out. You may surprise yourself.

(Please read all of First John chapter 4 and in the Gospel of John 4:34-38.)  

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