Snippets 22


When a chair breaks, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you will fall down. – Jim Fishinger

She Sells

I slipped my saliva-swabbed, gnash-crushed incisor under my silk-sheathed skull support, but the tooth fairy forgot the fiver financing fashioned by famous fables favored by Faroeses.


Siri sounded funny when she announced my outbound call.  I thought she had smoked a pack of cigarettes.  My friend Larry said they were mimicking her wearing a mask to be politically correct. 


Happiness is most likely when it is founded on gratitude for what is, and as completely as possible an ignorance of that which could be better but is not.


It is impossible to exercise the great commission of spreading the Good News, the Gospel, while remaining anonymously a Christian.


Just because something is alright by the law, doesn’t mean that it is alright by God.  His truth does not change where the law changes to accommodate the current state of affairs among the people for whom it is written. 


Alcohol is what a person turns to when they feel guilty about something they have done or because they have never done something of value.


Scott:  I don’t have any food in the house.

Bob:  Remember Jesus went 40 days without eating or drinking.

Scott: Yeah, and he slept in the boat during a raging storm.

When all else

If at first you don’t succeed; pray, pray, again.


Light has a strange way of showing us where and when the dark pits and deep canyons are as we walk in this life.  – John Buckley


Grief is proof that YOU are a Spirit Being.  A bear in the woods does not grieve.


A blind person can see and worship God just as easily as you can because you are both Spirit Beings.  A deaf person can hear the voice of God the same way that you do because you are Spirit Beings. 


The rain cleanses all outdoors but only Jesus can cleanse inside the home, the heart, and the mind.

The Polls

Public opinion about a “fact” may start a trend or set a precedent, but that does not make it true.


There are only two, Heaven or Hell.  Where do the sinless, newborn and aborted babies go?

Who Cares

When you do not listen to the people who care about you, you end up in the care of those who do not care about you.

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