The story goes like this:  John Denver was on the road and crossed paths with a fellow traveler around sunset.  Neither had planned the meeting.  John took up his guitar.  He and she sat beside a cliff and as the colors exploded across the valley below and sky above; he sang to her.

I was recently reviewing all the references to Heaven in The Book.  Here are some items that appealed to me.  There will be no crying, no pain, no death, no mourning, no hackers, no prejudice, no rust, no computer bugs, no moths, no theft, no hunger, no worry, no break-ins, no evil people, no murder, no assaults, no tears, no taxes, no darkness, and no war.

Heaven HAS beauty, love, music, light, places built by God for us, citizenship, the water of life, and rewards.

The list of items not in Heaven is larger than the list which are there. In a way, that is a testimony about the conditions on earth with which we struggle. Every single thing which can cause us headaches and concerns will be banished from our new home, the Holy City, the city called the New Jerusalem.

If you love architecture and look forward to what that city will be like, read Revelation 21:1 through 22:6, for even more exciting news about the future.

And singing?  Oh my!  Voices like the amber chords from John Denver, the sight of glorious sunsets, and kind fellow travelers; will all be present at a level which we could not even comprehend were we to hear and see them now.  “And I heard a sound from Heaven like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud peal of thunder.  The sound I heard was like of harpists playing their harps  And they sang a new song before the throne. . . “

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