Sometimes my bed pillow seems too small as my head lies flatter than I prefer. Sometimes it seems too large and that puts my neck at an uncomfortable angle. The pillow hasn’t changed at all. It is my attitude which has somehow morphed.

I remember a time in corporate management, conversing with my boss, Larry. I said “I don’t think Jan and Mitch like me very much.“ He said, “they like you just fine.“ After a pause “now, Frank and Kim can’t stand you.“  I had no idea.

When I reflected on what he said, I realize that I was probably treating each couple differently. When concentrating on the details of telling a story, I tend to talk with my eyes focused on some far horizon. I should be looking at the face of my listener to gauge his or her reaction. Eye contact may be one of the most important parts of communication. Seeing with clarity would be a close second.

Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord is one of my favorite songs. To see clearly, now that is a fine gift. First, I must look. Then I will be able to see.

Pillows can be punched, fluffed, twisted, and folded into a comfortable position. People are not that pliable; they tend to get a little miffed when they are treated similarly.  What a joy it is to watch the effect of a kind word, a compliment, or some other acknowledgement of their humanity.  Things get real comfortable following that effort and more enjoyable all the way around.

This is a good week to think about someone who may need a little cheering up.   Make the effort to get in touch with the one who came to mind.

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