People love to talk about other people. They love to learn about the details of the others’ lives. The more different the others are to the lives of the talkers, the more fascinating the gossip becomes.

The successes of People Magazine and the television show TMZ have deep roots.  Ninety-seven years ago, the October 1925 Photoplay magazine headline article reads, “Why Many Movie Marriages Fail“. Viewers are intrigued by falling outs, affairs, luxurious homes, hypocrisies, fast cars, and faster private jets. Photographs of what should’ve been private moments are splashed across the pages of National Inquirer and Globe newspapers .

As a fiction writer I know the attraction. Reading a lot of fiction has been my post-graduate education in the genre. We fall in love or dislike a compelling, central character. You turn the pages to find out what he or she are going to do to solve a problem, mend a relationship, or kill an enemy.

I love the saying “truth is stranger than fiction.“  Moses dispensing miracles in Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, and water coming from a rock are all exciting reads. We read about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego surviving the fiery furnace, legions of angels in battle, then the arrival of Jesus the carpenter’s son, or so it seemed. He heals lepers, restores sight to the blind, and enables lame legs to dance again. That is GREAT content.

Movies are made about it. The best-selling book of all times tells the story in an exciting way.  You can see the characters in your mind as they harvest and eat heads of grain while walking to the next event. Peter tries to walk on water and later the rooster crows three times in the early morning. Simon of Cyrene carrying the cross to Golgotha is one of the vivid images which make for a compelling read. These events and people are made more fascinating because they are true. Photoplay lasted from 1911 to 1980, a short 69 years compared to the 6,000 years of the bigger story.

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