Forget Remember

We all have experiences in our life which are best to forget. Those events range from betrayal by a friend to physical abuse. Others are memories of warfare, lost love, persecution for beliefs, and unfulfilled expectations. 

There are also events and conditions which we should remember. From these recollections we can draw strength. Among them are the family into which we were born and the country where that happened as our life started.  Our prosperity, especially considering the conditions of those poor souls in other countries, is one of the most highly ranked in the world. Even a minimum wage job in the United States pays 10 times as much as the median income of $3,315 per year in Mexico.  We have our basic needs met.  Our purpose in life can be a source of gladness.  If you haven’t found it yet, it can be found easier here than in most places on the earth. Purpose can take the form of a career and/or the God-given missions to which we have been drawn.

 A great negativity has crossed into our country. It tricks us into comparing our prosperity with people who are more successful, leaving us feeling diminished despite our successes.  Its cloud compares our history to an unattainable utopia, despite the elevated position we have achieved. That negativity depicts us as villains when most of us have done right most of the time. All of this has the potential to subject us to depression and over thinking about who we are.

A downward spiral can lead to self-medicating by drugs, by alcohol, by overworking, by seeking thrills and accomplishments all designed to make us forget.  None are healthy and many can be quite destructive. I urge you, and all that is good urges you, to count your blessings and put your efforts into remembering them. Show your gratitude for what you have been given despite what others think of it.

Especially encourage those who are younger than you. They are being assaulted by crushing comparisons and impressed with all that was done wrong in the past. Remember all that is good and share it with them. The greater your experiences in travel, your education, your career, and your relationships, the more you have to offer.  Be a force of positive speech and accomplishment.

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