With or Without

If you forsake the God of all creation, you are making yourself the God of your world. As you may have been taught in public school in the last few decades, you can then determine what is right and wrong in your own eyes. No government, no company, and no person can effectively tell you otherwise. If they have been through the same education, but your rules of conduct differ from theirs, they will view you as a bad citizen, a bad employee, or a bad life partner; perhaps, all three at once.

In the case of a dispute, there will be no outside source, which you or any other entity can turn to for an objective judgment.   Should you find yourself in front of some arbitrary mediator, one party will feel triumphant and the other angry at the outcome. The two parties will each have chosen the lesser of two evils.  Instead of Thou Shall Not, the decision is You May or May Not Depending on the Circumstances.  To Kill, to Adulterate, to Steal are all debatable situations. 

In a godless nation, if a healthy, capable man refuses to work, he may become enslaved by the welfare system. Like a drug addict, he will habitually be like a sloth, unable to risk the benefits of his “free“ lifestyle while working would only provide a slightly higher “take home” pay.  What seems like a government gift is actually a form of control.  He will vote for whoever grants the money.  With God in the life of a working person we see contribution and a sense of purpose.  These are wholesome benefits.  God likes that.

A failed marriage may obligate one spouse to pay alimony.  That “benefit” of alimony money received can be a burden to the receiving spouse.  The one receiving the alimony may be prohibited from marrying again because they might lose the monthly check. This may result in a series of adulterous short- and long-term “partnerships,” replacing the certainty of marriage. In some states this can also cancel alimony.  Any children raised in that environment will think this style of relationship is approved, thus perpetuating the cycle.  Clearly, God does not agree.

Worst of all, here on Earth, those who live in opposition to God, to His laws, to the authorities He permits to govern us, to the companies whose employment has blessed you, and to the spouse who accepted you  – none will love you the way that God will.  They are not replacements for God’s love.

When this short life is said and done, where will your God-rejecting spirit reside? In a place much like the earthly realms which have rejected Him?  It too will be a society of conflict, chaos, and pain.  The choice of returning authority to the God who tried to love you will be gone forever.

Sadly, you cannot be without God now and with Him later. 

Joyfully, you can be with God now and never be without Him later. 

Now is the time to yield your godhead to the One who created you. Let Him be your governor, your boss, and your partner. You’ll be blessed now and forever. 

(note: alimony and unemployment are merely examples and sometimes necessary)

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