“Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.”  In Kurt Vonnegut’s book Cat’s Cradle, he quotes his mentor Bokonon, “Pay no attention to Caesar.  Caesar doesn’t’ have the slightest idea what’s really going on.”  For an interesting reason, I agree with Bokonon.

When thinking about the scale of concepts, actions and outcomes which affect our lives, the range is enormous.  Who would have thought what a huge impact a flu virus from Wuhan, China would have on the entire world?  Will my business be impacted by the next increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve Bank? What has the mosquito that bit my arm done to me?  When I get nice presents for Christmas this year, how grateful will I be?  When Christmas arrives will I still be here?  Did I remember to put that bill in the mail this morning; the last one I am paying through snail mail?   

When you stop for just a moment, we are just as clueless about the big things affecting our lives, as Caesar is in the Bokonon quote.  I truly believe that those in higher government are in the same boat.  I don’t mean that as a political statement.  I just mean that there is a higher authority than they.  THAT is Who is in control.  We may think that we are in control of our lives, our family, our income, and our destiny.  The truth is that God is in control.  We should relax a lot more and shed our worry and striving.  Sometimes we are like a fly trapped in a jar, flitting here and there to no purpose.

We are clothed in enough laws to bring a sweat to the most law-abiding person.  It is far more likely that you have broken a law today than not.  Your rolling stop at the intersection, the piece of paper that the wind lifted out of your car, the $50 bonus you didn’t report on your income taxes, to name just a few from a very long list.  If I spent time analyzing  every time I broke a law, everything else would come to a grinding halt.  So, we do render to Caesar  – our taxes.  Obedience to the law of Caesar is a valuable tactic.  Those actions convince Caesar that he or she is in charge.  It is a false conviction. 

Leaders should know more because they have had a great education and the intel that comes from the CIA, the FBI, and the Polls.  If they WERE in charge, their decisions would be as well founded as possible.  However, the Creator of the Universe is still creating, still active in our lives, and still in charge of all things.  The politicos are in office because He has allowed them to be there.  Sometimes those very ones tell us that God is not in charge, and they add we cannot talk about Him BEING in charge, at least in public.  If they only knew.

So, when I ask WHY about something, I cannot look deeper than my own agenda, or farther than God’s plan.  There is a lot of gray area in between, isn’t there?   There are lots of people and events between those bookends.  I believe a lot of the tension in our lives would be released if we just realized we are not in control.  He is going to work His plan no matter what.  You can fret about it or laugh about it, but it will happen.

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