Projected     August 2016

Across the street from my great grandmother’s house in Dallas was one man’s project. I was just four years old when I looked out Momo’s car window and asked, “Why does that house look so ugly?”   I had recognized the slow progress of the latest addition to the neighbor’s home. Being on a corner lot, no matter how you arrived there, this house presented at least two of its uneven four sides.

We’ve all seen homes that were in a state of disrepair, but this was different. The neighbor was “improving” his home by adding rooms and amenities over the twenty year time frame during which I observed it.   He would get one section about eighty percent done then move onto the next element. This was all started in an era when virtually every home was a “custom.” This one was an eyesore from beginning to end.

The building had become the man’s work, a monument to himself, and possibly even his god.   When he died someone bought the unfinished mess, tore it down, and built a nice home there.

I bring this up to remind all of us that when we are gone, what is it that we will have spent our time upon of lasting quality? Did we accomplish anything of enduring value? Have we at least built a temporary bridge over which another person can run to complete his or her worthwhile project with lasting impact?   Or, have we just been entertaining ourselves with eye candy, happytime indulgences, and convocations which achieve no more than filling time?

God loves you and me.   He has a purpose for our lives.   Whether we are seven or seventy, we can embrace that important work or ignore it. Ask yourself from hour to hour, “What is this activity doing to help others and is it God’s will for my life?” If it is not, then I pray that you find that worthy project of value and get to it.

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