Blood Flow

Blood Flow

Blood Flow                          November 2017

The fitness experts tell us, and rightly so, that the more we move the healthier we will be. Our ancient relatives moved all day long.   Farmers walked behind their ox while plowing. They used a hoe to chop out weeds, cut firewood, harvested crops with a scythe, washed clothes by hand, and hauled all manner of things on their own backs. In those days “putting in a good day of work” did not mean staying awake at your computer.

This type of movement creates blood flow which is a cleansing activity It increases the action and efficiency of the liver, which cleans toxins from your system. The intestines work better to finish the digestion process. The brain, with an enhanced volume of oxygenated blood, thinks better. The heart beats stronger, and we get cardiovascular advantages.

When we exercise the gifts that God has given you and I, that allows Him to work through us. As the blood system in my body functions, His work flows into and then out of me from Him. Other things, than the work, happen. I am cleansed by the cleansing of others as I do the work.   I learn both while preparing for and while teaching.   My prayers that bless others, bless me simultaneously. Speaking the name of Jesus evokes healing in others, and I am healed along the way.

The human circulatory system operates through the heart, down the arteries, around the corner, through the veins, and back to the heart. You can tell I am no doctor or biologist, but you get the idea.   We have some of that same circulation as we start at church on the first day of the week, Sunday. Then we go out to the world with a highly “oxygenated” message in our head. We circulate through our jobs, sports, friendships, and family, then return to church to get refreshed again.   Some of us, me included, need even more renewal with mid-week home groups. I always walk away better for those times, just like Sunday.

The circulation through the heart does no good without the breath into our lungs from which the oxygen comes.   Hearing about and reading from the Bible is our spiritual oxygen.   Our entire life system is cheered as we understand the stories from thousands of years ago when people were just like us with their problems and joys. We get directions, recipes for success, explanations of things gone right and things gone wrong, and how important it is to be a Godly leader and a Godly follower. We carry these nutrient-filled Words with us throughout the day as they become the breath of life.


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