Cure Chart

The validation of one’s Christianity is not based on good works, though there may be many.  The certainty of one’s Christianity is not tested by morality, though it may be there.  One is a Christian because of a personal, living, active, and amazing relationship with God the Creator of all things.  It is just as encompassing physically as it is spiritually.

We spend time and talk with those we love.  One of the attributes of any relationship is conversation.  The best chat is one of words spoken in prayer.  When we have done our part with silent or audible words, God responds.  His answer may be a sense of peace in us or an action by Him.  Our love of God is evident through daily, sometimes hourly, recognition of this with Him.  You can text, write a letter, speak silently, speak out loud, or send an email and He will know you have communicated in prayer. 

MaladySolutionFirst ActionSecond Action
DepressionGratitudePrayer of ThanksVerbalize your joys
AnxietyHas it happened beforePrayer of OutcomeWork on other things
FearTrust in GodPrayer for ProtectionAvoid centers of stress
Ill HealthUnderstand the causePrayer for HealingCorrect what is in your control
PovertyWorkPrayer for EmploymentMassive applications
RelationshipsLove others regardlessPrayer for OthersCheer them, gift them
GriefGrievePrayer for Lifting UpFocus on others
RegretsLook forwardPrayer for FutureFind a new mission
GuiltConsider the SourcePrayer for ReleaseHelp others in same situation
SinTurn away from itPrayer for Your HeartSeek other time consuming activities
DebtReduce spendingPrayer for DiscernmentBudget the essentials
AddictionLocation/relations changePrayer for Freedom From . . .Avoid even one single use
ObesityEat less, move morePrayer for FitnessCut portions, sugar, fat, carbs, Move
PTSDDo not dwellPrayer for Other PurposeTalk it out with those who know
SleeplessRelaxPrayer for PeaceWrite out what is bothering you
OverwhelmedSimplifyPrayer for OrderDo one thing at a time very well
PowerlessBelieve in your given abilityPrayer for StrengthSeek the action you do best & do it

“The Lord your God is with you,  He is mighty to save.  He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17

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