Not There


Not There          October 2016

Siblings fight, don’t they?   The little brother pesters his big brother, sister contests sister, and mixed genders in larger families combine into such a variety of warring ever-changing groups that it defies explanation. I don’t know why, but they do.   So when I saw a 10-year-old and her 12-year-old sister pushing and shoving over some territory, I should not have been surprised. They were cramming into an inside corner of a room. After the contest was over, I HAD to talk to them.

“Girls, what were you fighting over as you were attempting to get into the corner?”   The younger one said, “That was my corner!” The older one said, “That was MY corner!” I couldn’t help but laugh as I explained, “Do you know that a corner doesn’t actually exist? It is the place that two walls stop. The wall is still the wall but it stops. So there isn’t an actual thing there.”

How often in life are we striving, working, sweating, sacrificing and isolating ourselves in a quest for things which matter about as much as a corner? I have clients with absolute plenty who have looked and “found” that one more big deal. Later it turned out to be the one that ruined them financially. Sometimes I believe that the deal “found” them. Do you have friends that pour themselves into their work to the detriment of spending time with their kids?   Later they use their salary or savings for rehab and therapy for themselves and their children. And perfection? That is perhaps the most elusive corner of all. The resume which shows ten jobs in twenty years is a testimony to a person constantly seeking better employment. Somehow the next job never turns out to be an improvement.   One dissatisfaction is traded for another.

A wise man once said, “Money and wealth are not security. The only security is knowledge.” I would add that even when you do not possess a great deal of knowledge, a strong faith in God is the only security. We tend to focus on the immediate, the urgent, and the needs of today, even when those supposed needs are a corner that does not exist.   Taking the long view is where peace of mind rests. My spirit being is going to be around for a VERY long time though this body is of relatively short duration. Turning my attention to the outcome for that spirit life is far more important than satisfying a desire of today.






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