Two Shadows

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Two Shadows

By Bob Bekins

February 2014

Out on my morning walk before the sun has even colored the tiniest bit of the sky.   I noticed that there are two shadows cast by my body. As I walk, one of them is moving and changing a lot and one of them is fairly steady. The one that is moving and changing shape and size is the shadow being cast by a streetlight, which I am walking by. The steady unchanging shadow is the one cast by the light of the moon. The streetlight made by man, installed by man, and paid for by man is of this world. The moon made by God and installed by God is of His world. As long as I live these two shadows will be with me.

And as mankind’s fads, judgments, and temptations morph and curve and appear to be changing, so are the verdicts that others cast upon us.   Much the same as the streetlight’s.

In the daytime my shadow is thrown by the sun from God and is very visible. The shadows from lights made by man, not so much so. So it is interesting that what we do in the night is more differentiated between the world of God and the world of man. What we do in the daytime, because of our busy, busy, busy, we don’t think about God’s world quite as much and consider only about man. In the daylight the shadows are strongest from God’s hand. So what we do when we are awake and we are with other people out in the world is illuminated by God. And there is where we must be the greatest example, that we can, of His Glory.

The two shadows are always there, and they always will be until this body is no longer erect and casting them. Being aware of these two coexisting worlds is of great value to us.

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