Thank You

Thank You
By Bob Bekins
November 2021
When you are grateful for what God has given you, He will give you more. Some of what he gives you is meant to be given to others through you. Some of what he gives other is meant for you.  So be gracious when others give to you. If you have taught someone, you have given to them. How fulfilling it is when the student “gets it.” How rewarding for you, the teacher, when the student expresses his gratitude. God gives to us without expecting our gratitude but is made happier by it when it is spoken.

Prior to 1700, most people thought everything was from God. “Thank you God that the seeds I planted have sprouted.“  As scientists found their discoveries, a new term, “natural,” was added to the published dictionaries of the time.   As well, the word “supernatural“ was cooked up to distinguish happenings which could not be explained by science. Now the description became – the seeds sprouted because the rain moisturized them. The concept of “supernatural” though unnamed pre-dated the idea of “natural.”  This led to the possibility of a phrase which was never used before, “ I don’t believe in the supernatural.”

Satan‘s biggest lie is that the spirit world does not exist. If you can’t see, smell, hear, taste, or touch it, the thing does not exist.  His finest hour is when a man or woman is neutralized by being isolated from the world of the spirit.  Another technique he uses is ingratitude as expressed when the man or woman think everything they have is theirs because they earned it through work or took it by force. Nothing in their mind comes from God because God does not exist.  They think He does not exist because He is not available to the five senses of mankind.

In that hopeless condition to whom should one be grateful? Should I thank myself? After all, “What I have is because I created it through goal setting, hard work, and personal triumph.”

No.  Regardless of how hard we work; we should express our thanks to God. He is supernatural because He created nature. “Natural” would not exist without His breathing life into it.

Be grateful for all He has done for you because truly, the natural world which surrounds you is an expression of His supernatural love .

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