Every time you pick up a knife, you risk cutting yourself.  Every time you open your mouth, you risk cutting someone else.  Slow, deliberate conversation is characterized by a lack of needing to get the next word in edgewise.  Long pauses to think about what you are going to say follow long listening to what is being said.
Shirleen had just finished listening to Devona who occupied the cell next to hers.  For a long time, Shirleen had been angry that she was convicted. She knew she deserved to be convicted of something, just not for a crime she didn’t commit.  That day, while listening to Devona, she realized that all are guilty of something for which each should have been tried, convicted, and incarcerated.  That left her with two choices to determine how she was going to spend the next thirty years; stay angry or get humble.  Devona had given her a book, so she picked it up.  Pastoring Prisoners started with a story a lot like her own.  The author/convict had morphed from feeling like a martyr, to feeling like a victim, to feeling like a prisoner, and finally, to feeling like a servant.
Quincy “Con” John, the author, explained it this way.  “Jesus had the power of the universe, the power of God at his request.  The men who pushed the ring of thorns onto his head would have been awestruck if he had waved his hand and turned it into a crown of gold.  They would have dropped to their knees.  As he was being whipped by the guards with metal tipped leather strips, he could have turned the thongs into snakes with copper heads.  As the soldiers pounded nails into his hands and feet hammered, he could have turned the spikes into projectiles that struck through the heart of his tormentors.  In every case the executioners, and those watching, would have fallen face down in worship.
“However, Jesus wasn’t there for himself.  He was there for every sinner on the face of the earth, before, during and after.  His words were, ‘Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.’  His prayer was the ultimate example of humility.  It was His destiny and His purpose in coming to the Earth.  He quietly died on behalf of each one of us, without revenge, without rage, without feelings of persecution, without comment, without victimhood, and without complaint, he died.    He died in our place.  He DIED in our place so we might live forever with Him in paradise.  All we have to do is accept this incredible free gift. 
“What will you say the next time you open your mouth?  To what purpose will you turn the knife in your hand; guided by a mind seeking revenge or by a humble heart?  What purpose will you give to your remaining years knowing what He did for you?”  – QCJ

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