“No one can serve two masters.  Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.  You cannot serve both God and Money.”  (Matthew 6:24)

Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote, “there is actually nothing to protect the slave’s life, but the character of the master.“  Though she  was applying this to black slaves in the American South in 1852, it is universal to any type of slavery. By this I mean both voluntary and involuntary slavery. An African girl kidnapped from her school has become a slave involuntarily. A gambling addict, an alcoholic, and a drug abuser are voluntary slaves.  The latter have masters as well; when you look at the results, one is as cruel as the other.

The gambler ultimately will lose all because he never quits when he is ahead. The “I am going to win big“ voice is always calling , even as he sees what little he has disappear before his eyes. A friend of mine would get $80 in welfare money and board a bus to the nearest casino to “turn it into something.“ Bob Hope said, “I arrived in Las Vegas in a $20,000 Cadillac and left on $100,000 greyhound bus.“

The alcoholic says “I can quit anytime I want.“ Yet, with life, family, and health crumbling around her, she knocks down a bottle of wine every afternoon as her children watch in horror.  She says, “I don’t drink expensive wine; that wouldn’t be fair to my kids.“

The drug abuser says, “you don’t understand how hard life is. This is my only pleasure.“ As he watches Child Services take his kids away for the fourth time, he thinks how unfair the agency is. He says, “we were doing just fine.“ If the children were lucky enough, some nice neighbor got them to school

Though these examples seem extreme, lesser versions are not without damage. Some harm hurts one bystander worse than others. Who is to the say how much pain is inconsequential? The heart of one spouse, or one child, can be crushed because unlike another, the pain does not toughen them up.

I have not included slavery to work, to video games, to shopping, or to porn from the hundreds of enslaving temptations available to us.  So, how do we avoid slavery? I contend that we cannot. We merely choose the one to whose door post we want our ear nailed. I choose to make Jesus my Master. I am a slave to Jesus and through Him to God the father. 
Whose slave are you?

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