Shopping – A Poem Best Read Aloud


Shopping                                              April 2018

The room is too hot

the room is too cold

The message is too new

or is it too old?


The music is too loud

or so soft I can’t hear.

I must find a new place

For me that is clear.


This is the 7th church

I’ve been in this year.

I hope I find a good one soon.

I hope it’s very near.


I hurts my ears when the pastor screams

I can’t stand it when he cries

Sometimes he stutters with his ideas

I can see it in his eyes.


I know there is one somewhere,

that is perfect for me.

Or should I be seeking

the truth that is He?


I know there’s a perfect church

if I just keep on looking.

My seventh wife should help me

but she’s still home cooking.


My seventh car in the seventh town

on seventh avenue is our little compound.

Our seven kids are in seven schools

we spend too much time driving round.


But I will keep searching ’til I’ve found

that perfect place,

cause it isn’t me that’s turned around.

You can see that in my face.


I know I’m not perfect

but I’m close as one can be.

Why is everyone so messed up?

Everyone but me.





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